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Designed To Be Intentional


In a world unplanned, we are designed to be intentional. 

Brooke’s Lane was created to break that mold, to empower the defeated, where there is a norm of just trying get by, to just make it. We want to bring joy through our Events + Designs, personal growth and encouragement with Dinner Before Dessert Mommy Blog, and sleep to our sleep deprived moms through our Peaceful Parenting Baby Sleep Coaching Courses. Focusing on mommies and babies and the sweet peaceful home they strive to create on all fronts.

Ashlan Brooke Greenfield

When you know you know, that was the case when Gage and I met anyway. Even though being 18, we pushed through the negative connotation with getting married young, showing others how we turned the " Well, You will never be able to pursue your dreams and aspirations now," into realizing how small and shallow that dream was before we started our life together. We stopped looking inward and started pursuing something bigger than ourselves. With that came military deployments, travel, babies - Carson 4, + Rowan 1, and our first from the ground up home.

Brooke's Lane started with a hodgepodge of what looked like hobbies, but God reveled something much bigger hidden within those passions he put inside of me. A way to push + challenge people to live their intended life.

Your Journey and Dreams will look different, but if its something you can fathom- we help you get there!


It Is Time For A Good Nights Sleep!


Peaceful Parenting WILL Change Your Life!

This is What Some Of Our RESTED Clients Are Saying…..

One word to describe our experience: AMAZING! Our newborn went from waking every hour to sleeping 9 hours straight in just 4 weeks. We learned so much from going through this experience and couldn’t be more pleased. Worth every single penny! Ashlan was so professional and an absolute joy to work with. Every family should go through this course!
— Brittany Peters
My friend referred me to Ashlan and I’m so grateful she did! Our 3 month old went from waking up every hour through out the night to sleeping from 7pm to 7am! If you’re feeling hesitant, don’t be. I promise you, you’re in good hands!
— Anna Cueva
We were exhausted having to take turns holding or doing whatever was needed to keep our new born sleeping! I finally reached out to Ashlan when my baby girl.

Lucy was 5 weeks old to help us with sleep training. To be honest, we were so skeptical with the whole process at first; however, Lucy kept progressing with sleeping a little bit longer each night and week! After 2 weeks of following Ashlan’s guidelines and guidance our Lucy now sleeps from 9pm-9am!

This is a dream come true and we can finally sleep while she’s sleeping! I HIGHLY recommend Ashlan to all of the parents seeking to sleep train their little ones! She walked us through the process and call/text almost daily and literally any time of the day she would respond! Her passion to help other parents definitely showed throughout the process! Thank you SO MUCH for helping us! We really can’t thank you enough!
— Thao Kriel
Ashlan is amazing !!! I did her 6 week program and my baby caught on in 2 1/2 weeks ! We started when he was 4 weeks! Now he sleeps great , always in a good mood, eats , plays & naps and most exciting SLEEPS through the night ! She’s definitely recommended !
— Genesis Rascon


Dinner Before Dessert

Mommy Blog

We want to be able to share everything from what our intentional parenting looks like, to custom events and decor projects, and of course our sweet babies.

Lets be honest... probably a lot of the babies. All the sweet funny and embarrassing will happen here.


Events + Decor


Celebrating New Beginings

Wives + Mommies to be, and all the sweet years to come for your little one! With Brooke's Lane Events we strive to turn your endless scrolling through Pintrest into a neatly executed reality. We know, Pintrest is NOT real life, but trust us we can make it feel pretty close!


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